Create, reconnect, regenerate, revolutionize


Educating with Art teaches how to enrich, develop and resize your task as educators through the arts. When art comes into daily life, you can tell it! This is a course on scenic arts, music and visual arts to learn how art can help us day by day.

Course 2020/21: Create, reconnect, regenerate, revolutionize 

Educating with Art is a way to reengage in your creativity and motivation. During the course, we will awaken our bodies and souls’ sensitivity, and will make art flow in our daily vital spaces

Artistic creation gives us the chance to find ourselves, to get to know ourselves and to celebrate ourselves. Art links us to life, makes us think, accompanies and renovates us. Educating with Art is a training to explore in curiosity, to enrich us at a personal and professional level through practical, dynamic and enjoyable sessions.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken us to the limit, in particular those professionals working on the social sector. For this reason, the 20/21 course will revolve around reconnecting with ourselves and the need to heal and regenerate through creative playing and the discovery of our own artistic look.