By call reservation

Periods of pre-selection, raffle and seats allocation

Throughout the season, we open several calls by which cultural promoters present their proposals and social centres can apply for tickets. Here is a step-by-step guide! 

Apropa Cultura uses a fair and transparent system of ticket allocation so all centres have the same opportunities.

At the same time, in order to show all activities of the season more thoroughly, some presentation sessions with the presence of cultural programmers and user entities are carried out all over the territory.

Consult calendar of the season call

How to participate and make reservations for the call

1. Presentation of cultural proposals

1.    Presentation of cultural proposals
Theatres, concert halls, museums and festivals publish their cultural proposals in the web, and social centres can begin to consult them and see all that is available.

Check the dates of the ongoing call  

2. Pre-selection of activities

Once the season call is open, social centres can make a pre-selection of the shows they want to attend and apply for tickets for groups of at least 5 people.

You can select as many proposals as you like, but always in order of preference.

Knowing if a call is open is very easy, since it appears in our web as long it is available and, besides, you will receive a mail when it opens up.

3. Ticket allocation by raffle

Our computer system allocates tickets to each centre following an equitable criterion.

Social centres will receive the results, and if you have been allocated tickets you can:

A.    Confirm your booking
B.    Renounce the tickets

Warning: If you have not been lucky and have not been allocated tickets, you can participate in the second allocation round by so indicating in the ‘denied applications’ section.  

4. Second allocation round 

The computer system makes a new allocation with the tickets that have been made available and social centres receive the results.

Again, centres with allocated tickets have two options:

A.    Confirm your booking
B.    Renounce the tickets

After the second round, some cultural promoters may increase the number of places. All those centres that have got no tickets until then, can join the waiting list again and opt for these tickets.

Please keep in mind that direct booking is available throughout the year.

5. Payment

Centres must make the payment and upload the proof receipt at your panel within 10 days.

6. Booking confirmation

Once payment is checked by the promoter, booking is finally confirmed.

View your reservations at the ‘my tickets’ section of your personal panel.

Now it is time to enjoy the outing!

Reservation by call