Who we address to

Public or Private Cultural Programmers

Belonging to Close to Culture identifies yourself as a cultural equipment or programmer in action for social improvement.

At the public level, needless to say, the responsibility of being accessible to everybody is part of their raison d’être.

From the private level, we thank the will to get involved and the conviction to take part in the programme, thus reinforcing their corporate social responsibility as well.

We can say out loud that we are more than 125 cultural programmers both public and private in the Network. Some are bigger, other are smaller, what really gives value to the programme is the combination of efforts by all those that belong to it.


When a municipality adheres Close to Culture it is in 2 basic areas: Culture and Social Services. Both counsellorships are essential for the success of adhering to the programme and they have a key role.

Emblematic facilities or spaces both public and private

Singular spaces are also special locations which have their place in our Network. They provide activities more related to leisure and they are very well valued by social entities and services.

As for cultural spaces which are handed over for activities or shows, they can also collaborate with Apropa Cultura. There is only the need to book a certain number of seats from the available capacity before handing over the space and these are kept by social centres or services belonging to Apropa Cultura.

We want to continue to make this Network grow so we can be more and more!

More than 125 cultural programmers are already part of Close to Culture