The importance of training from an art perspective within the social sector

We consider it necessary to rebuild bridges between the cultural and the social sectors. To achieve this, training is an indispensable tool.

This is addressed to educators, therapists and caretakers who want to use art as an educative tool to carry out their work with patients from a ludic, emotional, different perspective.

Because apart from organising outings with your social centre users, belonging to the Apropa Cultura programme gives you the opportunity to enjoy a specific training and get into art therapeutic advantages.

Educa amb l'Art


Addressed to educators, therapists and caretakers who want to incorporate art as an educative tool in their centres day by day. It includes training on dramatic arts, music, and visual arts.

Educa amb l’Art 2023-24

Educa amb l’Art shows how to enrich, encourage and give a new dimension to your job as educators through different artistic disciplines. When art gets into daily life, you can feel it!


Accessibilitat i diversitat


We give professionals of cultural equipments new tools and methodologies related to accessibility. The aim is to have them and their spaces ready to welcome groups with specific needs.

Presently there are no open courses

Shortly we will inform about the sessions on accessibility. Be attentive to our web!

More information about courses on accessibility

Recursos de formació

Aquí podéis encontrar todos los recursos de dosieres pedagógicos, experiencias artísticas y sociales, videos de conferencias y jornadas de formación llevadas a cabo por Acerca Cultura.