We are Apropa

At Apropa, the entire cultural offer is completely adapted to each group, both in contents and spaces, with morning and afternoon hours.

Apart from all regular programmes offers, Apropa has created a series of adapted workshops and activities for specific groups, where they can enjoy unique experiences designed for them.

En primera persona

Mercè Quintana

Rèsidencia Ergos

"When you are older it is important to have something to do to entertain yourself"
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Jordi Cusell

Centre Educacional Aspace

"People who have problems, whatever they are, also have a right to culture."
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Alicia Alguer

Centre Rehabilitació Sant Joan de Déu

"Going to a show, it makes me live, is a personal victory."
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It inspires us.

Thank you all for the testimony in your experiences with Apropa.