Autism Friendly Performances
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Basic steps on how to offer autism-friendly performances for children and adults on the autism spectrum and their families or caregivers


These performances - whether called autism-friendly, sensory friendly, or relaxed - are dedicated performances with a focus on those individuals on the autism spectrum or with other developmental or cognitive disabilities or sensory sensitivity. Your potential audience may
determine the preferred terminology.

To make performances more welcoming to families, you can make technical modifications, provide preparatory materials for the families to read prior to the performance, staff the theatre with volunteers trained for the day, and provide various day-of supports, all to be discussed
further in this guide.

As a general rule, there is an overwhelming preference by families who attend autism-friendly performances on Broadway for weekend matinees. They also prefer musicals, especially those with larger performance numbers and less dialogue.

Every step, from the online purchase to the follow-up survey, serves to create a warm and judgment-free environment for the individual on the spectrum and his or her companions. The performance may be a first-in-a-lifetime event for the family, and your goal is to make it a
positive one.