What does it mean to belong to Apropa


Here are some rules and recommendations which will help you to use the programme. 

The programme

Cultural offer: all activities and all schedules

When you are preparing your cultural offer, it is important to include all the shows from the general programme. People in a vulnerable situation must also be able to access quality culture. 

The tickets that you make available to Apropa Cultura should represent 2% of the total. 

Museums offer a wide variety of visits and workshops adapted to the needs of all kinds of public 

Publish your programme in advance

Social entities need time to consult the shows and activities that are available to them.

At Apropa Cultura we will remind you about the calendar dates and deadlines for uploading your programme to the web.

Variety of schedules

We encourage you to include shows, visits and workshops in all the time schedules you have, including school hours. Many social centres can only take advantage of this time block.

If an external programmer or another department runs your show or activity, please let us know and we will help coordinate. 

External Promoters

If you work with external promoters, you can administrate their tickets yourselves. You can also indicate the current account number of the promoter so that direct payments can be made.

Link to your website

When you fill in the information box for your show for Apropa Cultura, remember to include a link to your own website so that the user can access further information. 


Bookings and allocation of tickets

Blocking seats in advance

We ask you to reserve the seats granted to Apropa Cultura in advance, so that they are available when the social centres make their application.

Payment confirmation

When a social centre uploads a receipt to the web, you will be advised by mail. Then please go into your panel and confirm the payment. 

That way the centre will know that everything is in order and the tickets have been confirmed.

Advice on allocating the most appropriate seats

Please keep in mind the needs of the different groups of people that make up Apropa Cultura when you allocate seats. 

  • Accessibility – Every group will let you know their needs when they apply for tickets. Please keep this in mind when you place the group in the theatre or hall.
  • Inclusion – If different groups coincide in the same hall, please try not to put them together. Our priority is that they should feel included.
  • Confidentiality – It is essential to maintain confidentiality regarding the situation of the people that come to see your show through Apropa Cultura. Please do not write the name of the population group to which they belong either on the ticket envelope or on the tickets themselves.

Offer tickets at a reduced rate

Please consider the possibility of offering places at a reduced rate to those entities involved in health and chronic illness, associations of families of disabled people, etc.

The recommended price for these tickets is equal to or less than 50% of the general public price, up to a maximum of 10 euro. 

For example:

  • If a ticket costs 24€, the price will be between 0 and 10€
  • If a ticket costs 12€, the price will be between 0 and 6€


After the activity

Find out about any incidences

If some sort of incident occurs during the activity, please find out about it. The objective is to know what has happened so that future incidences can be avoided. 

Evaluation questionnaires

After each activity, the social centres receive an evaluation questionnaire.

Please read these carefully to find out about their experience, and what details could be improved.

Take advantage of the social networks

Share your participation in Apropa Cultura in the social networks.

The world should know that you are involved!